About Me

About Me

My name is Krystal Joseph, born 2002, a girl-child living in Dharwad, Karnataka.

My father Franklin Joseph who is a specialist in women & girl-child safety awareness empowerment has opened a website called Krystal Joseph.com.

Through this website, I want to share, listen, learn from other girl-child who are shy and thinking they are weak.

In this website, I am writing about my problems as a girl-child against boys in my school and how I try to solved it.

My father helps in editing, hosting & promoting of this website but the post writing part is mostly done by me.

I hope to give a platform for other girls to write about the problems they face being a girl-child and maybe through speaking out, they can fight their fears.

P.S. Hi, all my name is Franklin Joseph, father. My aim is to in-directly or directly educate Krystal about her strengths being a growing girl-child and the pot-holes she must watch out for during this growth. I help her build the skeleton of the article but most of the content is written by her in her diary. Yet, it’s difficult for a girl her age to focus on the hard task of creating website content every week, as is caught up with her studies and more interested in playing, TV and friends. Please guide her and encourage her to learn more and do forgive her if she writes anything that might offend anyone.

  • Umbrella Tactics : BadAzz Krav Maga Self Defense by Franklin Joseph & Krystal Joseph - December 6, 2017

    Here I am showcasing how to use a umbrella as a self defense tool in a mob situation or in a assault with my father Mr. Franklin Joseph

  • Krystal Joseph : Is being different or asking for respect too much? - May 29, 2014

    I have a few friends near my house. Some of my friends, do not like the way I am. They want me to listen and do what they want all the time. They never listen to me. They always me to sacrifice for them, but they never sacrifice for me. Being Different They also make fun of the way I behave or act. I like being funny and make people laugh with funny faces or gestures. Some of my friends call me ‘different’ from them and ‘they do not like me’ because I am different. I love being different from anybody else. It makes me feel special. 🙂 Because, I am a special girl, I feel I get more love from my family and[…]

  • Krystal Joseph : Why is me, a Girl-Child shy to talk to others ? - April 21, 2014

    Yesterday, I had gone for a workshop and I was very shy with the my Somuya aunty who was teaching me. She was a family relative yet I was too shy to talk to her. Some weeks before, I had gone to collect my result card to my school. My class teacher told my parents, I don’t talk to my teacher. She also said I talked a lot to my friends but I never come to her if there is a reason to express. Also few weeks back, I had gone to Dandeli forest with my father’s academy members. There my father told me not to be shy and speak boldly to everyone. But there I controlled my shyness a little and talked[…]

  • Do my parents love me being a girl-child? - January 3, 2014

    My name is Krystal Joseph – a girl-child living in Dharwad, Karnataka. These are my thoughts along with my father Franklin Joseph suggestions on girl-child safety empowerment. I have heard that some parents are not happy having a girl-child. But as soon as they get a boy-child they will be so happy, making feast, busting crackers, giving sweets etc. But for a girl-child, nothing is done to celebrate her birth. Coming back to the question, do my parents love me being a girl-child? Yes, my parents love me being a girl-child. My Father My father came all the way from Delhi to Dharwad, just to see me. He saw me and my mother in the computer on a marriage website.[…]

  • Is Krystal Joseph weak being a girl-child? - December 5, 2013

    One day I was doing training Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense with my father. My father’s 20 years old student was also training with us. Father told me to punch on the student’s stomach. I became very shy to punch on his stomach. When do I become shy? When I meet my friends after many days, I become shy! Whenever I meet my uncle, I become shy! When I have to talk to strangers When somebody praises me 🙂 Is shyness being weak? I used to think only unknown people are bad. My father told me when children are hurt from adults, more known people (family relatives, neighbours and friends) are being bad to these children. If children are shy[…]

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